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Plant of the week: Darmera peltata 'Nana'

Darmera peltata ‘Nana’, Indian rhubarb,dwarf umbrella plant

Family: Saxifragaceae and is the only species within the genus Darmera


Hardiness :  Zone 5-9 . Darmera is found along woodland streams from Oregon to Nothwestern California.

Bloom :  Tall hairy flower stems emerge before leaves with a somewhat alien appearrance , in early May in my Bedford garden . It has small pink-to-white flowers in rounded clusters .

Leaves: The beautiful dark green shiny leaves each rise from a rhizome on a long petiole  which attaches to the center of the leaf.  Upward facing leaves typically collect and hold small pools of rain water. It has an almost tropical appearance. I love to grow it in my shade garden with hosta , and ferns .Darmera makes a distinct statement and is a good alternative to the much larger and out of our zone Gunnera manicata  which is somewhat similar in appearance but unrelated.

Culture: Grows best in moist or even boggy soil in sun or part shade. My clump receives morning sun and is growing in average garden soil. In two years it has formed a one meter clump .It does not seem to be bothered by slugs.


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