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Plant of the week: Helleborus orientalis

Helleborus orientalis, Christmas Rose or Lenten Rose

Family: Ranunculaceae

Hardiness: Zone 4-8

Height 12-30"

2005 Perennial of the year

Leaves: Glossy, leather like that will remain green all winter in my zone 5b garden. Hardy zones 4-8 but may not retain leaves all winter in some zones.

Flowers: Cup shaped flower approx 2" wide, buttercup shaped, reminding us of it's family Ranunculacaea.

Culture: Prefers partial or dappled shade but will tolerate sun as long as protected during long hot summers My clump started with three small roots from Vesey's approx 10-12 yrs ago. It was slow to establish and spread. Planted with easterly orientation in dappled shade of birch. It has gradually matured to provide an awaited, treasured perennial in my spring garden.

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