Hodge Podge Community Garden

Hello Master Gardeners, we at the Bridgewater Community Garden Network, BCGN,  a program of the town of Bridgewater, organized and facilitated by Volunteers,  are requesting assistance in our first community garden, “Hodge Podge” at the Aberdeen Green Park, at the corner of Elm and Aberdeen Bridgewater.  2012 will be our 3rd gardening season, the core team has been pleasantly surprised at the response to their efforts to establish a place where people can grow their own food, meet community members and participate in workshops and garden parties. The gardens began as 16 raised beds and grew last year to accommodate 20 beds, filled with herbs and veggies, and a few annuals. The garden is fortunate to have a shed equipped with tools for all to use, cubbies for containing items, notice board and water. We will be building a compost system this year with the aid of a Youth Group, during March break. We host an open house in July and are part of various events, festivals and other community events.
We are seeking someone to aid the gardeners on a regular, consistent basis. We need a mentor and perhaps some small program, workshop sessions tuned to what the gardeners need, timely and seasonal. The core team is looking to grow the availability of growing in the Incredible Edible Bridgewater project, and would also seek input and assistance on that.  
We are growing and require the input of those with expertise and a desire to serve. This position could be filled by several MG’s whom could take turns participating, or another arrangement. The MG would volunteer and have a nominal Honorarium for certain aspects, all supplies and materials would be made available by the BCGN
Please see the attached information and feel free to connect with Rosmarie at your earliest convenience

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